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Esri partners around the globe use industry knowledge and ArcGIS Platform expertise to solve your toughest challenges and take your business to the next level.

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Testimonial | Hydro One

Hydro One needed a way to connect their offices and field forces. The solution: Implement Move to Mobile (M2M) - tighly integrating their SAP Enterprise Asset Management system and SAP Work Manager with Lemur from Critigen, running in the ArcGIS platform.“Critigen helped us put ArcGIS in the field,” said Janice Coulson, Hydro One’s project team lead on the M2M project. “Field crews receive up-to-date cached map data for their region. If an incident occurs in another region, they can access that region’s data to respond.”

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The ArcGIS Online Specialty

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Partners in the ArcGIS Online Specialty are ready to help you get up and running quickly, and maximize your use of the ArcGIS Platform. Tap into the ready-to-use apps, content and services they provide. Explore the Story Map and get connected with partners.

2018 EPC Award Winners

Each year, Esri recognizes innovative partners that deliver solutions and services for the ArcGIS Platform—amplifying The Science of Where by realizing data’s full potential to change organizations and the world.

The 2018 Esri Partner Conference Award Winners are helping users make smart decisions, solving real-world problems while demonstrating best practices in business.

Award Recipient


Gain Insights with Smart GIS

Datastory Consulting helps Stellar Development gain insight into new and unfamiliar markets through extensive analysis on prospective expansions. With some creative thinking and use of the ArcGIS Platform, Stellar Development is now able to curate large amounts of government information alongside the business and demographic data provided by Esri. Employees around the innovative company now use maps and analytics to make smarter decisions. Read the article.

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ArcGIS Marketplace is your destination to search, discover, and get apps and content provided by Esri Partners, Distributors and Esri. Apps listed in the marketplace are built to leverage and enhance what your organization can do with Web GIS. The marketplace includes both paid and free apps, and many include the ability to access free trials. Visit the ArcGIS Marketplace!

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