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U.S. customers can take advantage of special offers that can save you money when you configure or upgrade your GIS system.

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ArcGIS for Imagery Data Management Appliance
Data Appliance for ArcGIS
Premium Content Services for ArcGIS
Airbus Defense and Space
Contex / Wide Scanners and Systems
Cutting Edge
Dell Computer Corp.
Hewlett-Packard Co.
Juniper Systems
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There are 2 offers for the Data solution for this Hardware package: Data Appliance for ArcGIS.

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cuttingedge-data-appliance-lg.gif Cutting Edge Data Appliance for ArcGIS for Windows Data Appliance for ArcGIS Open Offer 
Cutting Edge Data Appliance Server lg.gif Cutting Edge Data Appliance for ArcGIS for Windows (Server Bundle) ArcGIS for Server Enterprise Advanced Open Offer