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Common Questions

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Who uses ArcGIS Data Reviewer?
ArcGIS Data Reviewer is used by organizations across industries that acquire, create, convert, and maintain spatial data. These organizations include, but are not limited to
  • Federal agencies
  • City/County/State mapping authorities (local governments plus commercial companies serving this market)
  • Utilities and telecommunications companies
  • Departments of transportation
  • Defense mapping agencies
  • National mapping agencies
  • Data conversion contractors (and their subcontractors and clients)
Are training courses available for ArcGIS Data Reviewer?
Yes. Instructor-led training courses are offered through Esri's Learning Center. We highly recommend that training be given to key staff who will be using these tools. Customized training is also available and can be conducted at an Esri Learning Center or any appropriately equipped client site. Please visit Esri training for further details.
Can I use ArcGIS Data Reviewer with other ArcGIS extensions?
Yes. ArcGIS Data Reviewer integrates seamlessly with other ArcGIS extensions.
Is ArcGIS Data Reviewer customizable?
Yes. ArcGIS Data Reviewer is a scalable application that can be customized. Users can write custom checks specific to their requirements.
Can I use the current version of ArcGIS Data Reviewer with an older version of ArcGIS?
No. In order to install and function correctly, the versions for each must be the same. For example, ArcGIS 10.2.x Data Reviewer only works with ArcGIS 10.2.x. However, ArcGIS Data Reviewer can be used to validate geodatabases created using older versions of ArcGIS.

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