Getting Started

Watch these two brief videos to see how to create your first smart 3D city model.

Part One: Download, Setup, and Create

Part Two: Navigate, Edit, and Share


Downtown Damage

Downtown Damage shows a downtown scenery of a central European city with different degrees of damage in street and building models.

Medieval Town

Medieval Town features a European Medieval Town, embedded in a hillside with a lot of small pathways which traverse the idyllic scenery.


Paris features a Parisian-like city with two levels of detail arranged around a logo on a fully dynamic city layout.

Instance City

Instance City contains two scenes that apply rules to instance pre-modeled building assets.


Pompeii allows you to discover the ancient city of Pompeii. Now you can generate, explore, and edit ancient Pompeii.


Venice demonstrates the efficient generation of a low-polygon city model based only on street data.

Petronas Towers

Petronas Towers demonstrates parametric reconstruction of the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia, including recursive setbacks, rotations, and level-of-detail.

Future New York City

Future New York City allows you to generate, explore, and edit the New York City of the year 2259.

Modern Streets

Modern Streets provides example rules to generate detailed street geometry via parametric modeling only.

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