AI-Powered Chatbot Answers Esri Tech Support Questions

The Esri Support app, which enables users to connect with Esri Support through their mobile devices, has launched a new artificial intelligence-powered chatbot that makes it easier to get answers to questions—from simple to complex—about ArcGIS technology.

A smartphone showing a chat onscreen, with the user saying “Error transferring https://organizationportalURL – server replied: Not Found (203),” and the chatbot responding by telling the user what the error usually indicates and how to resolve the issue
The new chatbot in the Esri Support app can answer technical questions about Esri products.

Built on a large language model, the chatbot works like a fast search engine. Users can ask it questions about Esri products—for example, “How do I create a layer in ArcGIS Online?” and “What causes Error 001624 in ArcGIS Pro?”—and get answers in seconds. The more detailed the question, the more specific the answer.

The chatbot is trained exclusively on Esri content, including data from Esri’s technical support site, product documentation, and ArcGIS Blog posts. This means that users don’t have to wade through those resources themselves. Additionally, the chatbot supports about 40 different languages. So if a user asks a question in Spanish or Japanese, the chatbot responds in the same language. And the chatbot is designed to answer technology questions just as an Esri technical support employee would; at times, it may be quicker to use the chatbot.

The Esri Support app is available in the Apple and Google Play app stores. While anyone can use the chatbot, only authorized callers can take advantage of the app’s other functionalities, such as submitting a technical support ticket, following the progress of bug fixes, keeping tabs on patch releases, and getting product life cycle information.