Briefly Noted

Many Ways to Participate in GIS Day

On November 15, GIS users from around the world will celebrate GIS Day. Take part in the festivities by hosting an event at your organization, at a local school, or within your community. Help spread the word about how anyone can use GIS to inform decision-making; analyze information about people, places, and environments; and create a positive impact. Visit to explore GIS Day events happening all around the world or to register one of your own.

AI Makes Latest Land-Cover Map More Temporally Consistent

In partnership with Impact Observatory, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered geospatial monitoring company, Esri has released a global land-use/land-cover map of the world based on the most up-to-date 10-meter Sentinel-2 satellite data for every year since 2017. Following the latest 2022 data released earlier this year, the AI model for classification has been improved, making the maps more temporally consistent. This enables users to work “with maps that will accurately reflect events and earth processes that are happening in reality,” said Sean Breyer, Esri program manager for ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World. With planned annual releases, users can make year-over-year comparisons in global land cover. This is especially important for organizations such as national government resource agencies that use this data to define land-planning priorities and determine budget allocations.