Esri Partner Offerings

Esri maintains relationships with more than 1,600 partners around the globe that provide solutions and service-based solutions to our customers. In this issue, we would like to recognize those organizations that have been Esri Partners for more than 20 years. For a complete list of Esri Partners and offerings, visit the Esri website at


SilvAssist and Real-Time Inventory
SilvAssist and Real-Time Inventory (RTI), working in tandem, enable foresters to efficiently collect, manage, report, and analyze forest inventory data through the ArcGIS interface. RTI is a patented technology that allows foresters to easily navigate to spatially located field locations (plots) to collect critical forest data for management purposes. SilvAssist is a toolbar for ArcGIS that permits forest managers to spatially manage this data. SilvAssist features include plot allocation, reporting and analytics, events management, growth and yield export to Forest Vegetation Simulator, and numerous data management utilities.

Water/Wastewater Management

GIS Solutions, Inc.
Water Management Solutions
GIS Solutions, Inc., provides server and mobile applications for ArcGIS that encourage end-user adoption of GIS data and spatial analyses and help tailor enterprise GIS to the specific business practices and workflows for utilities and water management. GIS Solutions provides services aimed at broad system integration activities. GIS Solutions designs, develops, and deploys integrations with IBM Maximo, Microsoft SharePoint, FileNet, multimedia (photo, video, audio, etc.), and hydraulic modeling.

Land Surveying

LandScape is Topographic’s online mapping and project management system designed specifically for the oil and gas industry. LandScape provides clients (and their many agents) with easy, real-time access to project status maps and legal plats related to the well, unit, and pipeline surveys they hire Topographic to perform. The system can be set up to include only current versions of a document or all historical revisions and has virtually replaced outdated and cumbersome methods of file sharing, like FTP sites and massive e-mails. In addition to the standard tools available in most online mapping systems, Topographic’s team of developers has built many additional features specifically tailored to client workflows.

Government/Utilities and Communication/Natural Resources

The CEDRA Corporation
CEDRA-AGsuite Software
CEDRA-AGsuite is a package comprising CEDRA-AVcad, CEDRA-AVcogo, CEDRA-AVparcel, CEDRA-AVland, CEDRA-AVsand, CEDRA-AVwater, CEDRA-DataEditor, and CEDRA-DxfExport, based on ArcGIS software, with which the user can work with CAD; COGO; deed transcription; parcel mapping, surveying, and contouring; traverse adjustment; cross-section and profile stripping/plotting; stakeout, roadway design, and earthwork calculations; site development; plan and profile drawing assembly; sanitary, storm, and combined sewer modeling; water distribution modeling; data editing/maintenance; and DXF export functionality.