Esri Partner Offerings

Esri maintains relationships with more than 1,800 partners around the globe that provide solutions and service-based solutions to our mutual customers. In this issue, we highlight several of these organizations that exhibited to more than 13,000 attendees at the 2013 Esri International User Conference. For a complete list and description of partners and their offerings, visit the Esri website at

Across Industries

Hyland Software, Inc.

With the OnBase Integration for ArcGIS, processes no longer stop while GIS users search for related documents. Projects are completed quickly because all necessary information—including permits, licenses, and other related documents—is accessible from the maps staff use every day. OnBase also enables users to place documents onto a map, providing users with a spatial view of their content from OnBase. Users can view their information at their workspace or out in the field using their preferred mobile device.


Mobile Apps for ArcGIS Online
iFormBuilder is a field platform for gathering knowledge in any language. It is now possible for teams to replace their clipboards with mobile devices to capture good data, whether online or off the grid. Used in more than 110 countries for secure mobile data capture on iOS and Android devices in many industries, including government institutions, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and engineering firms. iFormBuilder allows the ability to easily create multitier relational forms with robust custom logic. Data can be linked to feature services as attributes or related tables in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS for Server. Existing ArcGIS Online customers can leverage the iFormBuilder Arc Connector to mobilize feature services within minutes and deploy to field teams.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


eBee and Swinglet CAM Drones for Aerial Mapping
The eBee is a professional mapping tool. It is an easy-to-use, fully autonomous minidrone (96 cm/37.8 inch wingspan, less than 700 g/1.5 lbs). The eBee has a flight time of up to 45 minutes, allowing coverage of areas of up to 1,000 hectares, or nearly 2,500 acres, in a single flight at down to 5 cm precision. This drone is a turnkey solution and includes all the accessories required for operation, as well as the control and monitoring software eMotion 2 and senseFly’s image processing software Postflight Terra 3D-EB. Esri technology enables drone users to share and analyze their acquired data. Just after the flight, senseFly’s Postflight Terra 3D software allows the automated generation of a georeferenced orthomosaic and digital elevation model at centimeter accuracy, which can be directly imported into ArcGIS.

Maritime Geodata


exactEarth supplies location-based maritime vessel information on a global scale, and its exactAIS data service is beneficial for anyone wanting a geospatial view of the world’s shipping. Providing data as web services and with connectors to ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor for Server, exactEarth provides Esri users with Satellite AIS data both on-demand and as a real-time feed. With access across the Internet and through ArcGIS Online, the world’s shipping data is now easily accessible across the full range of Esri products.

Education provides services using Esri technology in the education industry. delivers original content in social studies, math, science, and language arts using spatial concepts through mobile, online, and print media. From weekly news maps to interactive timelines and thematic classroom maps, Esri technology provides the basis for materials that engage students in thousands of K–12 schools across the United States. Cartography, software development, design, editing, printing, finishing, and packaging are provided to major educational publishers and a wide range of other businesses. The latest developments include story maps to deliver collections of materials on topics such as world exploration.

Digital Marketing


PromoJam Social Media Marketing Platform
PromoJam is the leading self-service social media marketing platform for small, medium, and enterprise businesses. PromoJam’s easy-to-use platform allows brands and marketers to create and launch social media promotions on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram in minutes without the need for code or complex technical builds. Using Esri ArcGIS technology, PromoJam maps the IP addresses of each promotion’s social media users with Esri Tapestry Segmentation demographic profiles to provide marketers with qualitative and real-time mapped geographic demographic data of their social audience. PromoJam’s platform provides actionable data and metrics that can then be used to hyperlocate and hypertarget audience segments and the ability for marketers to forecast future marketing campaigns both online and offline.