Esri Partners Acknowledged for Leveraging ArcGIS in Exceptional Ways

At the Esri Partner Conference, held each year in March in Palm Springs, California, Esri recognizes extraordinary partners that create phenomenal solutions and services using geospatial analytics tools.

“I’m honored to have the opportunity to provide recognition to those partners that have gone above and beyond to apply GIS to some of the toughest issues our customers face today and lay the groundwork for a brighter future,” said Esri president Jack Dangermond at the conference.

For 2019, Esri acknowledged partners in 13 award categories as a reflection of their expertise and impressive implementations of the ArcGIS platform. Get to know a little bit about them and their offerings below.

Delivering Release-Ready Solutions

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a leader in orchestrating digital transformation for electric and gas utilities around the globe. The company’s ArcFM Solution XI Series, built on the latest release of ArcGIS Pro and the ArcGIS Utility Network Management extension, allows users to access streamlined workflows. As an early adopter of ArcGIS Utility Network Management, Schneider Electric not only ensured that the software worked with the company’s ecosystem of partners, but it also established a cohesive approach to helping customers implement and migrate to the new system.

Schneider Electric’s ArcFM Solution XI Series
Schneider Electric’s ArcFM Solution XI Series is built on ArcGIS Pro and the ArcGIS Utility Network Management extension.

Realizing Virtual Objects

Meemim | vGIS

Meemim empowers users to experience virtual objects as if they were part of the real world by transforming GIS technology into augmented reality. The company’s leading product, vGIS, is designed to give utilities and municipalities the ability to display infrastructure—such as pipes, lines, and cables—in augmented reality to get real-time insights. Integrating vGIS with ArcGIS allows users to convert 2D GIS data into 3D visuals, increasing efficiency and saving time and money. Recently, a group of high school students from Buffalo Island Central High School in Monette, Arkansas, helped improve services in the surrounding community by mapping 50,000 feet of the underground utility line using vGIS. The students then shared the data with the city’s public services department. (Read about how the Toms River Municipal Utilities Authority in Toms River, New Jersey, also leveraged vGIS to simulate underground utilities in ArcNews.)

Meemim’s vGIS
Meemim’s vGIS gives utilities and municipalities the ability to display infrastructure in augmented reality.

Delivering Solutions with ArcGIS


A software development company that focuses on aerial farm mapping, GPS-it configures the ArcGIS platform to provide high-quality, customized geospatial solutions and apps for this market. GPS-it’s flagship product AgBox—built on top of ArcGIS using ArcGIS API 4.x for JavaScript and AppStudio for ArcGIS—is empowering farmers to manage their land smartly. The solution gives users complete control over data sharing, and its simple navigation makes it easy to record farm assets, including crops and infrastructure, as well as activities such as fertilizing.

GPS-it’s AgBox
GPS-it’s AgBox helps farmers manage their land more intelligently.

Driving Enterprise Platform Adoption

con terra

With more than 20 years of experience, con terra is integrating Geo-IT into customers’ business processes and helping them implement the ArcGIS platform across their entire organization. The company’s proficiency in spatial data modeling and infrastructure is meeting the needs of users in a diverse set of markets, including natural and environmental management, insurance, telecommunications, real estate, and community development. In Germany, the Bavarian Road Administration’s motorway and road maintenance teams used con terra’s map.apps framework—a modular system for creating easy-to-use geoapps that’s based on ArcGIS API for JavaScript—to assess and address road conditions during extreme weather. The system allowed the teams to start tracking 600 public and 700 private service vehicles in near real time to keep traffic moving along Bavaria’s 22,000 kilometers (13,670 miles) of road. (Read more about this in ArcNews.)

con terra’s map.apps framework
The map.apps framework from con terra helped the Bavarian Road Administration assess road conditions during extreme weather.

Going Global by Going Local

Cityworks | Azteca Systems, LLC

Cityworks, from Azteca Systems, LLC, is a leading asset management system that is fully integrated with the ArcGIS platform. It allows users to track, analyze, and score infrastructure assets to streamline the administration of public infrastructure and property. Going global by staying local is the strategic, targeted approach to asset management used by Cityworks, Esri, and Esri distributors, and that approach is foundational for Cityworks in supporting its local government, public works, and utility clients in seven different countries.

Cityworks from Azteca Systems, LLC
Cityworks from Azteca Systems, LLC, is fully integrated with the ArcGIS platform.

Improving Field Operations


ikeGPS is boosting mobile productivity in the field with Spike, a smart laser measurement solution for geospatial apps that allows fieldworkers to measure objects—such as building features, roads, signage, disaster sites, and natural features—by capturing a photo using a mobile device equipped with Spike. Spike questions in Survey123 for ArcGIS, which cover offset GPS location, distance to target, length, width, height, and area, enable field crews to take measurements and photos that persist in ArcGIS along with the rest of the survey data. Thus, a geodatabase can be updated easily from the field. Spike can also be implemented with Collector for ArcGIS, which is what the Carbon County, Utah, roads department did to conduct an inventory of all its road signs. This helped the county gather data on 322 signs per day, which amounts to 1,610 signs per week. That resulted in a cost savings of $45,000 and a staggering 568 percent return on investment (ROI). (Read the full story in ArcNews.)

ikeGPS’s Spike
Spike, from ikeGPS, helps fieldworkers measure objects simply by capturing a photo using a mobile device.

Partnering for Success Award


Cityworks | Azteca Systems, LLC

Partner-to-partner collaboration is a well-established model for success in the Esri partner ecosystem. Recently, Esri startup partner UtiliSync and Esri platinum partner Cityworks teamed up to deliver complementary work order and documentation solutions to fieldworkers and asset managers. The integrated system makes it easy for fieldworkers to open, modify, and close Cityworks work orders and update UtiliSync documentation, all from a single mobile app, increasing accuracy and saving time and money. Several cities in Utah leveraged UtiliSync to initiate 811 underground utility locate tickets, which were submitted and dispatched in Cityworks so operators could complete these tasks as part of their daily workflow.

UtiliSync and Cityworks partnered for success
UtiliSync and Cityworks partnered to deliver complementary work order and documentation solutions.

Telling Stories with Maps


Combining sophisticated data analysis and insight with narrative text and images that harness the power of maps and geography, Datastory helps businesses make better decisions. Recently, Datastory collaborated with Montgomery County, Maryland, on its ThinkMoCo/Strength in Numbers initiative, which encourages businesses to open new offices or expand their operations in the area. Implementing Datastory’s MapDash solution along with Esri Story Maps apps transformed how the county visualizes, supports, and acts based on business analytics. Additionally, when Amazon was evaluating bids for where to open its second corporate headquarters, Datastory made it possible for the e-commerce company to experience data interactively. Featuring colorful maps and photos of neighborhoods that exhibited workforce information, transportation routes, and housing trends, the story map that Datastory put together showcased Montgomery County’s commitment to growth and sustainability. (Read more about this project in ArcNews.)

Datastory’s MapDash with a story map
For Montgomery County, Maryland, Datastory implemented its MapDash solution along with Esri Story Maps apps.

Energizing the Market with a Bundle

Eos Positioning Systems

A pioneer in GPS receiver technology, Eos Positioning Systems provides affordable, high-accuracy Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers for use with any device, giving users real-time positioning that integrates with mobile workflows. Combining its Arrow Series GNSS receivers and Eos Tools Pro for iOS and Android with Esri apps, such as Collector, is making it easy for field staff to connect to satellite navigation networks and monitor position accuracy in real time. For example, as a result of Eos’s work with Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative (SSVEC) in Arizona, two linemen were able to inspect 7,640 locations in just 32 days, routinely collecting more than 600 data points a day with an accuracy of 4 centimeters or less. (Read more about this in ArcNews.)

Eos’s work with SSVEC
Eos’s work with SSVEC in Arizona enabled two linemen to inspect 7,640 assets in 32 days.

Growing with Mapping and Location Intelligence


For DataCapable, eliminating communication gaps in real-time information is vital—especially when those pauses could impact people’s safety. DataCapable’s cloud-based solution for community engagement is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, which is fully integrated with ArcGIS technology, analyzes unstructured data sources such as text messages and social media to provide real-time mapping and event detection. DataCapable is a recent graduate of the Esri Startup Program and the first Esri partner to bring a series of near real-time event data apps to ArcGIS Marketplace. Find out more about these apps.

DataCapable’s SaaS platform
DataCapable’s near real-time event data apps are available in ArcGIS Marketplace.

Expanding into the Cloud


Founded by industry veterans in 2006, 3-GIS develops and delivers cloud-based fiber network management solutions to support all aspects of planning, building, and managing fiber networks. In 2007, the company was one of the first to deliver a web-based fiber network management solution with full editing capabilities. Today, 3-GIS offers a suite of solutions, including 3-GIS Web, an enterprise solution in the ArcGIS platform that reduces the complexities of fiber network management by helping providers understand the location and relationship of assets, identify common points of failure, do signal tracing, and ultimately make smart decisions about restoring and extending service to customers. When 3-GIS Web is integrated with 3-GIS Mobile, fieldworkers can edit entries in real time, increasing both accuracy and ROI.

3-GIS has a suite of solutions
3-GIS delivers cloud-based fiber network management solutions.

Maximizing ArcGIS in Service Offerings


As an Esri partner for nearly two decades, Dewberry’s exceptional team of subject matter experts has been leveraging the ArcGIS platform to deliver innovative services that solve complex problems in a range of markets, from federal, state, and local governments to energy, infrastructure, health, education, and other private sector companies. In 2018, Dewberry worked with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to respond to the California wildfires that devastated eight counties. Dewberry’s team provided geospatial support for response and recovery and applied image analysis for damage assessments.

Dewberry supported wildfire response
Dewberry supported FEMA with its response to the wildfires that swept across California in 2018.