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Instructional Guide for The ArcGIS Book

Book cover of Instructional Guide for The ArcGIS Book by Kathryn Keranen and Lyn Malone

By Kathryn Keranen and Lyn Malone

This companion textbook builds on the foundational concepts laid out in The ArcGIS Book: 10 Big Ideas about Applying Geography to Your World. The Instructional Guide for The ArcGIS Book, which includes downloadable instructor resources, provides the materials that self-learners and teachers need to develop and apply ArcGIS concepts and tools to their work. Aligning with The ArcGIS Book‘s structure, each chapter contains activities, resources, lessons, and data that illustrate the interaction between various components of ArcGIS Online and demonstrate how to publish GIS apps to the web and mobile devices. The book includes scenario-driven and skills-based lessons (many don’t require software downloads) that allow readers to practice using these tools and inspire them to gain a deeper understanding of the power of web GIS.

The ArcGIS Imagery Book

Book cover of The ArcGIS Imagery Book edited by Clint Brown and Christian Harder

Edited by Clint Brown and Christian Harder

Explore how imagery and remote sensing power modern GIS. The ArcGIS Imagery Book weaves together fascinating stories about the planet and the current issues that humanity faces. Using the book and its online companion, (which has links to noteworthy web apps and maps), experienced GIS practitioners can quickly begin putting imagery to better use. Appropriate for people who have never heard of GIS as well, armchair geographers can appreciate the book’s wealth of gorgeous, inspiring, and occasionally troubling images.

Getting to Know Web GIS, Second Edition

Book cover of Getting to Know Web GIS, Second Edition by Pinde Fu

By Pinde Fu

Featuring detailed, step-by-step exercises, Getting to Know Web GIS, Second Edition, shows readers how to share resources online and build web GIS applications quickly and easily. Teaching web GIS as a holistic platform, this workbook covers the Esri suite of web GIS technologies, including ArcGIS Online, Portal for ArcGIS, ArcGIS for Server, web app templates, Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, ArcGIS API for JavaScript, Collector for ArcGIS, mobile SDKs, and 3D web scenes. The second edition covers Esri’s latest upgrades, such as smart mapping, AppStudio for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Pro, and real-time GIS. In each chapter, readers do a project using multiple products. Data for completing the exercises is available for download.