New Training and Certification Offerings


New Instructor-Led Courses

Developed and delivered by in-house experts, Esri’s instructor-led courses serve GIS professionals and novices alike and are great for anyone who uses ArcGIS software to support their daily workflows, enhance projects with geographic context, and create information that supports better decision-making. To learn how to efficiently share data and maps using engaging apps and visualizations, take a look at the following courses:

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Build Spatial Data Science Skills in a No-Cost MOOC

Analysts increasingly leverage spatial data, algorithms, and analysis methods to augment traditional data science workflows. Spatial Data Science: The New Frontier in Analytics is a six-week massive open online course (MOOC) that explores how to employ spatial data science to uncover hidden patterns in data. The course opens via Esri Academy on August 30.

Participants work with a suite of ArcGIS software provided by Esri as they explore advanced analytical techniques, including machine learning and deep learning.

“There is so much information packed into this six-section course, and very rarely did I feel lost,” said Jessica Gibson, a previous participant in the course. “Directions are step-by-step, thorough, and easy to follow.”

Spatial Data Science: The New Frontier in Analytics includes videos by Esri subject matter experts, software exercises, quizzes, and discussion forums. Everyone who finishes the course is awarded a certificate of completion.

To build in-demand analytical skills, join this free MOOC. Registration is open through September 13.

ArcGIS Labs: The Latest Way to Learn at Esri Academy

ArcGIS labs are self-paced e-Learning resources that emphasize hands-on practice through step-by-step exercises. Each lab includes one or more scenario-based exercises, the data needed to complete each exercise, a quiz to measure learners’ understanding of the workflows taught, and a certificate of completion for successfully passing the quiz.

ArcGIS lab topics are varied and range from introducing key functions in specific ArcGIS products to more advanced concepts such as predictive modeling. As with Esri Academy web courses, learners need to have the software used in the lab exercises to complete them.

Check out ArcGIS labs to explore interesting new topics and ArcGIS workflows.


The Esri Technical Certification Program enables GIS practitioners to validate their experience with ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Online, and related technology.

The certification team is designing several new exams this year, and users can contribute to their development. ArcGIS users from around the world are invited to participate in blueprint surveys, which describe an exam’s minimally qualified candidate. Blueprint surveys include an extensive list of specific proficiencies that candidates should have, as well as the tasks they should be able to perform with ArcGIS technology. They also list the skills and knowledge that the minimally qualified candidate is not expected to have. So survey participants help verify an exam’s target audience, objectives, and content.

For anyone who would like to help shape the next series of certification exams, be on the lookout for blueprint survey announcements on the Esri Technical Certification Exam Development page in Esri Community.

Explore the latest Esri technical certification exams. To get help choosing one, watch Preparing for an Esri Technical Certification.