New Training and Certification Offerings


Hone Your GIS Skills with Instructor-Led Courses

Esri’s instructor-led courses help GIS users learn ArcGIS best practices and the essential concepts that allow them to apply the technology to gain insight from data, improve their organizations’ operations, and meet complex challenges. Classes are taught in person, online, and as private training events for groups.

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A new course called Graph Analytics Using ArcGIS Knowledge is ideal for GIS analysts, intelligence and all-source analysts, researchers, data scientists, and others who need to visualize and analyze relationships among datasets that are stored in multiple formats. Participants learn the foundational concepts, terminology, and workflows needed to perform graph analysis using ArcGIS Knowledge; build skills to prepare data for use in knowledge graphs; and gain experience performing spatial and nonspatial analyses.

Teams can also simplify their access to instructor-led classes by getting the Esri Training Pass, which offers prepaid training days that can be redeemed over the course of one year.

Discover a Lot in One Hour

Given their short duration and convenient timing (9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Pacific time), live training seminars provide a popular way to stay up-to-date with ever-changing technology. In one hour, attendees enjoy a lively chat with fellow GIS enthusiasts while learning from Esri presenters who have deep expertise. Participants leave with tips to get better and faster results from their ArcGIS technology-supported work. All live training seminars are recorded and made available via Esri Academy for easy viewing afterward.

The following topics will be covered next in 2024 (dates are subject to change):

A Massively Popular Way to Learn

Tens of thousands of students, working professionals, and lifelong learners attend Esri’s massive open online courses (MOOCs) each year. With a MOOC, participants can stay up-to-date with trending GIS topics and cutting-edge technology, no matter their geographic location, job title, or career stage. Esri provides all the software needed to complete course exercises, and a certificate is awarded for course completion.

Upcoming MOOCs include the following:


How to Prepare for an Exam

For experienced professionals as well as those entering the workforce, achieving an Esri technical certification is a great way to get noticed by supervisors, colleagues, and hiring managers. On the surface, a certification validates someone’s knowledge and skills in using ArcGIS software and developer technologies. At a deeper level, achieving a certification showcases one’s personal commitment to growth and desire for professional excellence. These are intrinsic qualities that employers value.

For those who have decided to pursue certification, the first question they often ask is, “How do I prepare for the exam?” The answers are found via Esri Academy. All Esri technical certifications have a curated learning plan with links to training resources related to the skills measured by each exam. If you have decided to achieve a certification this year, review exam learning plans. (Tip: search for certification.)

If certification is something you’re interested in pursuing, explore all Esri technical certification exams. To get help choosing one, watch Preparing for an Esri Technical Certification.