A Better Way to Quickly Deploy ArcGIS Solutions

With the June 2020 release of ArcGIS Online, Esri added a new way to quickly deploy ArcGIS Solutions to your organization—the ArcGIS Solutions app.

ArcGIS Solutions are a collection of focused maps and apps that help address challenges in your organization. Part of the Esri’s cloud architecture, ArcGIS Solutions leverage your authoritative data and are designed to help you improve operations, gain new insight, and enhance services.

When you log in to your ArcGIS Online organization, you’ll find the ArcGIS Solutions app in the app launcher. This application helps you quickly discover and deploy ArcGIS Solutions in your organization. Designed to find the ArcGIS Solutions most useful to your organization, you can browse the collection of solutions in the app, search for a specific solution, or filter the gallery to quickly find a solution.

Once you discover the solution you are interested in, the information panel will provide an overview of the solution and an option to deploy it. A link to additional documentation is also available if you want to learn more about the value the solution provides, the software it requires, and workflows it supports.

When you click Get Now, all ArcGIS items included in the solution are created in your ArcGIS Online Content and summarized in a new Solution item that helps you visualize related ArcGIS items, such as hosted feature layers, hosted feature layer views, maps, apps, surveys, and groups, and understand where they are used.

This information will help you quickly configure the solution to fit your organization’s needs. Once configured, share the application, map, and layers with end users.

A collection that includes the most popular solutions and several new solutions is available in the first release of the ArcGIS Solutions app. Solutions are added to the ArcGIS Solutions app as part of new releases of ArcGIS Online and will be added to a future release of ArcGIS Enterprise.

If you are looking to reduce the time it takes to deploy geoenabled solutions in your organization, increase the business impact they make, and leverage fully supported ArcGIS configurations, use the ArcGIS Solutions app available in ArcGIS Online and deploy one of the many ArcGIS Solutions.

About the author

Andy Shoemaker

Andy Shoemaker is a product engineer on the ArcGIS Solutions team and has been with Esri since 2014. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, camping, and hanging out with his dog, Cosmo.