Unlock the Power of Spatial Data with ArcGIS Platform’s Data Hosting Service

Developers need options to store and access their authoritative location data so users can view, edit, and analyze it through their applications. In addition, they need to ensure that their data is securely stored, be certain they retain complete ownership, and have confidence their data is not going to be leveraged by vendors or third parties. Developers are also looking for hosting services that can scale with the growth of their applications and don’t have hidden costs.

ArcGIS Platform Data Hosting is available globally.

The ArcGIS Platform Data Hosting service is available and ready to be leveraged by you and organizations of all types. This versatile and powerful solution offers key capabilities centered around spatial data expertise, quality, cost efficiency, and privacy.
This hosting service lets you securely store, manage, and access location-based data. However, this isn’t simple data storage in the cloud. Esri converts your data into services that can be seamlessly added to applications and scaled up as needed. Esri supports tiles (both raster and vector), data files, attachments, and feature services.

The ArcGIS Platform Data Hosting service also gives you seamless access to powerful data visualization options, such as point, line and polygon styling, as well as options for data-driven visualizations. You can count on increased productivity and reduced costs because the amount of code needed is minimal.

The service provides additional benefits:

ArcGIS Platform Data Hosting is available globally. The business model combines storage and usage fees, so you are only charged for what you use. Free tier allocations are replenished every month. If you need more storage and capacity or need your data hosted in a specific geographic region, contact Esri.

This is an example of the usage details for ArcGIS Platform that are available.

During the public beta period, thousands of developers and businesses of all sizes leveraged the capabilities of ArcGIS Platform Data Hosting. Whether you are a government agency, a commercial entity, or a nonprofit organization, this service equips you with tools and infrastructure you can count on.

Get started today by signing up for a free ArcGIS Developer account. Once you’ve signed up, read the best practices documentation, and try a tutorial.

Ask questions or share enhancement ideas by posting in the ArcGIS Platform section of Esri Community.

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