GIS Bookshelf

Preserving Our Planet: GIS for Conservation

Edited by Joseph Kerski and Matt Artz GIS has a wide range of uses in the educational sphere. It provides educators with novel ways to teach problem-solving to tech-savvy learners. Researchers can employ GIS for data visualization and integration. IT professionals can use it to improve their cloud-based platform offerings. And administrators can wield the technology to visualize and manage everything from campus facilities to expansion opportunities. Creating a Smarter Campus: GIS for Education shows how educational institutions are actively integrating spatial reasoning and GIS technology into teaching, research, and management. Esri Press, 170 pp. Ebook ISBN: 9781589487383 and print ISBN: 9781589487376.

Spatial Business: Competing and Leading with Location Analytics

By Thomas A. Horan, James B. Pick, and Avijit Sarkar In today’s global economy, business leaders need to know where to source materials, where to operate, and where to grow their customer bases. Spatial Business: Competing and Leading with Location Analytics shows how real organiza- tions have designed, deployed, and managed GIS solutions to improve decision-making and add value in both strategic and operational ways. Written by experts in spatial business, the book provides managers, professionals, and students with a road map for realizing the potential of geospatial data across the entire business value chain. Esri Press, 2022, 300 pp. Ebook ISBN: 9781589485341 and print ISBN: 9781589485334.

Preserving Our Planet: GIS for Conservation

By David Gadsden and Matt Art GIS is a comprehensive tool for conservation professionals. A modern GIS gives users a real-time look at data, locations, and relationships. When applied to conservation, GIS reveals dependencies and challenges across multiple environments. Through maps and apps, conservation professionals can analyze and organize data and collaborate with other organizations and the public to address threats and identify opportunities. Preserving Our Planet: GIS for Conservation is a collection of real-life stories about conservation organizations that are successfully using GIS to meet the challenges of preserving biodiversity. The book also includes ideas, strategies, and tools to help jump-start the use of GIS for conservation. Online resources that supplement this book include videos, downloadable tools, and additional content. Esri Press, 2022, 130 pp. Ebook ISBN: 9781589487222 and print ISBN: 9781589487215.