GIS Bookshelf

Designing Our Future: GIS for Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Edited by Kathleen Kewley, Micah Callough, and Keith Mann

Location intelligence is changing how land development and large infrastructure projects take shape. This book provides an overview of why and how architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms worldwide are using GIS and location intelligence to strengthen their design practices; realize greater operational efficiency; improve the livability of cities, workplaces, and campuses; and share information throughout the life cycle of the building. Whether building a new residential complex or planning a high-speed rail system, taking a geographic approach generates better, more sustainable designs. Designing Our Future: GIS for Architecture, Engineering & Construction shows how architects, engineers, and construction professionals implement GIS to improve workflows; bring context to large projects; and increase collaboration among governments, contractors, partners, and the public. Esri Press, 2022, 120 pp. Ebook ISBN: 9781589487246 and paperback ISBN: 9781589487239.

Learning from COVID-19: GIS for Pandemics

Edited by Este Geraghty and Matt Artz

As the health community examines the worldwide response to the COVID-19 pandemic, part of this process includes improving the level of preparedness for the next public health emergency. Coedited by Esri chief medical officer Dr. Este Geraghty, this book highlights best practices, key GIS capabilities, and lessons learned during the COVID-19 response that can help communities prepare for the next crisis. Learning from COVID-19: GIS for Pandemics gives real examples of how spatial thinking became invaluable for both local and full-scale outbreaks of COVID-19. Answering the question of “where” was paramount, and when civic leaders and public health agencies used GIS to do real-time disease surveillance, it transformed overwhelming amounts of data into valuable and actionable intelligence. Esri Press, 2022, 204 pp., Ebook ISBN: 9781589487123 and paperback ISBN: 9781589487116.

Protecting the People: GIS for Law Enforcement

Edited by John Beck and Matt Artz

This is a collection of real-world stories from law enforcement agencies across the United States that are using GIS to improve crime analysis, streamline operations, increase citizen engagement, and enhance field mobility. Through these accounts, Protecting the People: GIS for Law Enforcement illustrates how police departments and law enforcement organizations employ GIS to drive decision-making in everyday operations. Esri Press, 2022, 114 pp. Ebook ISBN: 9781589487307 and paperback ISBN: 9781589487291.