Optimize GIS Education Results

Esri instructor-led training classes are designed to help students obtain the specific knowledge and skills required to achieve the learning outcomes that are important to organizations and the individuals who attend these classes.

In 2021, Esri developed and released preclass and postclass assessments to help identify learning goals and measure to what extent they were achieved during the course. Optional and online, these assessments are designed to work together. They supplement instructor-led class readiness assessments, which determine if a course is appropriate for a potential student based on the prerequisite knowledge and skills defined for the course. Together, these assessments help ensure student success.

All three assessments are now found in a single location: on the My Assessments page under the My Academy section. This section has all available assessments as well as the results for assessments that have been taken.

It’s also the place to review recommendations to materials that reinforce understanding of course content or take readiness assessments for any instructor-led courses listed, with or without registration in that class. Readiness assessments are also a convenient way to identify e-Learning resources to use in generating learning plans tailored to individual needs. The My Assessments page is a great way to grow an ArcGIS skill set, measure progress, and achieve GIS-related goals.