Represent Subsurface 3D Scenes Using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript

With the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, you can build 3D scenes below as well as above the ground surface to show the location and spatial relationship of features such as pipes, wells, and earthquake locations.

The code sample “Create a local scene” in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript documentation illustrates how to visualize subsurface features.

In this sample, a local scene of an area in southern Kansas, where many fracking wells are located, is created. 2D data for well and earthquake locations is added as point data to this local scene. Since these data points represent phenomena below the ground, attribute data is used to represent the actual locations below the ground.

The well locations can be symbolized as cylinders by extruding them below the surface based on the DEPTH attribute present in the data. Earthquakes are represented as spheres that are sized based on earthquake magnitude. The shade of red applied to these spheres indicates how recently each earthquake occurred.

Try this and other samples in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.