Sell an App for That

Apply to become an ArcGIS Marketplace publisher. This new destination site allows ArcGIS Online subscribers to search, discover, and get apps and data from qualified providers for use within their organization. The services listed on the Marketplace are intended to serve all market segments that Esri serves, worldwide.

Authorized Esri partners (as well as Esri distributors and Esri staff) publish listings for apps and data services that are registered with the ArcGIS platform. Anyone can browse the listings on the ArcGIS Marketplace, but they must be an ArcGIS Online subscriber to get free trials or make purchases. Any named user of the ArcGIS system can have apps and data services provisioned to their organization.

Here are some apps that have been developed by partners and are available on the Marketplace.

Gas HCA Online by Eagle Information Mapping

Natural gas pipelines must be located where they pose minimal threats to people, the environment, and personal or commercial properties. Gas pipeline operators must comply with federal rules that regulate where pipelines can be located by performing a calculation of high-consequence areas (HCAs). Eagle Information Mapping has developed a way to quickly and accurately perform this analysis. Simply supply your pipeline centerline, building locations, and identified sites. The app will then run a complete HCA analysis for you.

Land Use Editor by GEO-Jobe

Proposed land annexations or zoning changes must go through a governmental submission and approval process. The Land Use Editor app gives you a streamlined way to track zoning and annexation changes during the entire submission process. The app is designed to work with the ArcGIS Local Government Information Model, but you can configure it to work with other data models too.

GeoLynx Mobile by GeoComm

If you are a police, fire, or emergency medical services responder, you can use this app as an in-vehicle mapping and navigation system. It has built-in emergency incident mapping and hazardous materials (hazmat) mapping capabilities, as well as audible driving directions, a night mode map display, and support for marking up and drawing on the map.

For apps and data service providers, ArcGIS Marketplace delivers a mechanism to generate leads, provide free trials, grant access to listings, and manage subscriptions. Find out what it takes to become an ArcGIS Marketplace provider.