Take Your ArcGIS Online Organization to the Next Level

Extend the Reach of Your GIS: ArcGIS Online Tips & Best Practices, a free PDF, is a collection of best practices for ArcGIS Online that will help you optimize the organization, administration, and quality of knowledge products you produce. As your cloud GIS, ArcGIS Online enables more effective use of GIS tools and geospatial data and insight across your organization.

Written by Bern Szukalski, Diana Lavery, and Matt Artz, Extend the Reach of Your GIS: ArcGIS Online Tips & Best Practices contains information that will benefit you, the ArcGIS Online administrator, whether you have been using ArcGIS Online for years or are just getting started with it.

This book begins with establishing the vision and governance for your ArcGIS Online organizational account and identifying who will promote it, which problems will it solve, which workflows will it support, and what products will it produce. To be successful, you must understand what success will look like for your organization.

Once you’ve established the purpose and personnel who will support your ArcGIS Online account, follow best practices for making the home page and the entire site not only attractive but effective at providing what internal and external users need from the site. Learn how to provide all visitors with a secure and responsive experience across all devices that will be used to access it.

Learn about the importance of branding your site so that it is immediately recognizable as a credible source of quality information. ArcGIS Online provides flexibility in the use of color and graphics and has tools that help you create a unique and polished profile.
With the tools in ArcGIS Online, you can efficiently manage members, controlling their access to content, apps, and credits through user types and user roles so that they can be more productive. Master the organizational settings to fine-tune the framework for your organization. Use Groups to enable collaboration, security, and the smooth functioning of your ArcGIS Online implementation. Extend best practices to members so that the sources of content are well documented and current.

Make sure you are taking advantage of the tremendous resources—data, apps, services, and maps—that are available from the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World to use with your organization’s resources and the analysis tools available from ArcGIS Online to turn data into information that your organization can use. Learn how to work with hosted feature layers, filters, views, and tables to extract new information.

Because Extend the Reach of Your GIS is provided as a PDF, it can contain links to other free Esri resources and outstanding examples of ArcGIS Online sites. The most current version of the book can be downloaded.