The Year of the Developer

New program rolls out in 2013

Developers who use Esri technology will benefit from a multifaceted initiative that includes API improvements, a better app management experience, documentation, a new marketplace where developers can make their apps available for sale, and a one-stop website with all the resources developers need to get started. Esri will roll out these innovations over the first half of the year.

The new website will be unveiled at the Esri International Developer Summit March 25–28, 2013, in Palm Springs, California. This website will provide code samples for JavaScript, Flex, Silverlight, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, along with documentation, and a system for registering and monitoring apps.

A new ArcGIS Online developer pricing and licensing model will make it easy for developers to subscribe to ArcGIS Online on a monthly basis. Various plans give developers the flexibility to choose the number of credits based on their anticipated volume for a given month. Developers can then use their ArcGIS Online subscription to leverage features such as geocoding and place search, directions and routing, ready-to-use basemaps, and data query in the cloud. Along with this new developer licensing of ArcGIS Online, Esri will also begin offering a 90-day developer trial of ArcGIS Online. This trial will be available from

Later this year, Esri will make available a marketplace where developers can list apps for sale, manage their listings, and monitor usage. In the second quarter of 2013, developers can also look forward to having more tools available including GeoTrigger technology. GeoTriggers let developers build geofences into their apps that can be triggered based on time of day, speed, or position. This technology will be available as part of developers’ ArcGIS Online subscriptions.