Learn to Use Clustering in ArcGIS Online

Have you ever worked with hundreds or even thousands of points that overlap, making your map look more like a Jackson Pollock painting than a map of meaningful patterns?

With new clustering capabilities in ArcGIS Online, you can now easily uncover hidden clusters in your data. This tip provides the steps used in an ArcGIS Online demonstration shown at the 2018 Esri User Conference (Esri UC) Plenary Session. Follow these simple steps to go from points on a map to patterns on a map using this web map example of power plants around the globe.

Step 1: Open a Map with Points in ArcGIS Online

Step 2: Enable Clustering

Step 3: Configure the Clustering Pop-Up

Clustering provides greater insight into your point datasets, making your maps more legible and patterns identifiable. The automatically generated clustering pop-up reveals valuable information about your attributes and offers an interactive and exploratory experience for your viewers. Explore hidden patterns in your point dataset with clustering!

To learn more about clustering, visit the following sites:

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Jennifer Bell

Jennifer Bell is a geographer on the Living Atlas team at Esri. She inspires positive change with innovative, thought-provoking, and stunning maps and stories. Follow her @jbellmaps.