Map with Style

Making engaging maps is a creative process that benefits from having an unexpected perspective and employing thoughtful design. But most importantly, it is an act of intention by the mapmaker who considers a phenomenon and how best to communicate it. As tools and resources become more capable and accommodating, the purposeful craft of the mapmaker remains the strongest ingredient in cartography.

John Nelson created five interesting map styles for use in ArcGIS Pro.

John Nelson, cartographer and user experience (UX) designer at Esri, believes that artfully crafted maps can engage users and support business objectives. To that end, he created a variety of interesting and eye-catching styles to help users breathe new life into their ArcGIS Pro maps. Mapping with Style, Vol. 1 describes the five styles Nelson created for ArcGIS Pro, his inspiration for each one, and how to use them.


Mapping with Style, Vol. 1, is available only as an e-book.

Nelson created the following styles:

In his e-book, Nelson shows you how to use the Hachure style for ArcGIS Pro.

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