Christopher Ross

Christopher Ross is a journalist with over a decade of experience contributing to national publications. He has written for the Wall Street Journal Magazine, Quartz, Men’s Journal, and CNN, covering business and culture with a focus on profiling CEOs and industry leaders. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago.

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NextTech: Tracing the Carbon Footprints of Our Internet Travels

Powered by location technology, an interactive app brings to life how our internet use affects the planet's health.

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Here’s Where Americans Are Most Optimistic about the Future

As companies turn social responsibility commitments into action, a geographic and ethnic patchwork of optimism emerges.

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Coming In Sick Versus Calling Out Sick: How Different Cities Rate

A new survey shows that employee attitudes toward sick days can be mapped, identifying cities where office workers show up under the weather.

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Mapping Consumer Preferences for Certain Brands

A location data strategy shaped by social media insight can help companies navigate the fractured landscape of customers’ buying habits.

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