Jay Theodore

As Esri’s chief technology officer, Jay Theodore guides the long-term vision for the ArcGIS platform. Jay is passionate about harnessing innovative ideas to increase the value companies gain from location intelligence, geoscience, computer science, and technology. He takes great pride in working with outstanding software developers, architects, and product engineers. Jay earned a master’s degree in computer science from Florida Institute of Technology, where his research focused on finite element analysis and modelling (FEA/FEM), computer graphics, and composite structure design for Space Station Freedom. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering.

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A Growing Company Enlists the Four A’s of Location Intelligence

With artificial intelligence, automation, cloud-based architecture, and analytics, an insurance company executes an ambitious growth plan.

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Survey Says AI, IoT, Cloud Top CXOs’ Agenda

A poll of 3,000 CEOs reveals that business agility is a top concern, and technologies including IoT and AI will play a strong supporting role.

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AI Moves Fans in and out of SunTrust Park

When the Atlanta Braves take the field, the Cobb County police force deploys GIS-based location intelligence and AI to keep fans happy and safe.

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Geography and AI Combine for Business Intelligence

An executive’s guide to the business power of artificial intelligence (AI)—how to approach it, who should own it, and how to drive value from it.

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Trend Watch: AI Helps Businesses Make Decisions at the Edge

Using big data analytics, AI, and location intelligence, businesses can speed decisions, empower employees, and earn customer loyalty.

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