Yasaman Kazemi

Yasaman Kazemi is a supply chain strategy lead at Esri. She has worked in the consumer goods industry as a supply chain optimization and analytics specialist, and holds a Ph.D. in transportation and logistics with a specialty in supply chain systems. Yasaman also holds a master’s degree in industrial engineering and management.

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Will COVID-19 Rearrange the Global Supply Chain?

COVID-19 has impacted many parts of society. Will it shake the supply chain in ways even climate change and trade wars haven't?

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NextTech: Geoblockchain and the Challenge of Food Spoilage

An innovative approach to location intelligence could help reduce the massive amount of food lost before it reaches shelves.

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Apple, Trade Tensions Underscore Need for Supply Chain Visibility

When a much-discussed global company considers moving production to avoid a trade war, others take stock of their supply chain visibility.

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The Ethics of Supply Chain Transparency

For companies seeking to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, location intelligence and supply chain transparency are essential.

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Changing Demographics Ripple through the Supply Chain

Businesses are adjusting supply chains to match shifting demand, using demographic insight into a changing world.

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How GM Maps and Manages Supply Chain Risk

General Motors enlists real-time location intelligence to monitor and manage risk in one of the world's most complex supply chains.

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