Bill Major

Bill is a lead software development engineer on the ArcGIS Enterprise team, focused on ArcGIS Notebooks, security, Kubernetes, and framework development.

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Dev Summit 2024: Observability and reliability in ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes

ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes has a number of features that can keep production environments reliable, resilient, and operational.

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Dev Summit 2023: Automate workflows with service webhooks in ArcGIS Enterprise

Service webhooks allow organization to create automated and integrative workflows that use feature services and geoprocessing services.

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Dev Summit 2022: Manage organization assets in near real-time

Yundi and Bill demonstrate how to visualize relationships and maintain dependencies for geoinformation assets in the organization.

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Dev Summit 2021: Automate content promotion across tiered environments

See how to automate a workflow to move curated and authoritative content from development to staging to production.

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