Raluca Nicola

Raluca works as a web cartographer with the Geo Experience Center team at Esri. She loves to play around with web technologies and visualization styles. If she's not in front of the computer, she's probably somewhere up in the mountains.

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Watercolor your city (on the web, no paint involved)

A small hack for adding a watercolor basemap to a 3D city visualization

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Understanding global water quality trends

Eutrophication is driven by enrichment of waters by nutrients resulting in adverse changes in the balance of organisms and water quality.

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Voxel layers – exploring world atmospheric temperature and pressure with ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Using ArcGIS API for JavaScript to explore multidimensional datasets in a web application

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Cartographic styles for visualizing 3D bars in web scenes

Custom cartographic styles for visualizing 3D bars in web scenes

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Experimenting with 3D labels in ArcGIS API for JavaScript

How to create custom 3D labels for web maps using ArcGIS API for JavaScript

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Exploring Earth’s artificial satellites

Learn about Earth's artificial satellites, what are they used for, who owns them and how high up they orbit the Earth.

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Feature selection styles in web scenes: the defaults and beyond

In this blog post we look into three different styles for feature selection in a webscene.

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Map your outdoor activities in 3D with the elevation profile widget

Ideas on creating 3D web visualizations of outdoor sport activities

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3D camera intro using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript

In this blog post we’ll explain how to define a camera, how to retrieve it and how to animate the camera to another position in the scene.

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