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Just released ArcGIS Server Branch Versioning Data Consistency Patch

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Branch Versioning was introduced in 2018 to provide users with an improved editing and quality control process for data when leveraging a servicesbased architecture.  For more details, this blog “To Branch or Not to Branch” and its companion “Branch Versioning: Setting the Stage” are great resources to better understand the impact of servicesbased versioning and how it provides a better user experience. 

As the development team continues to improve performance and scalability for branch version platforms, we are also building to improve data quality and user transactions.  One such optimization is to guard against race conditions.  Microsoft defines a race condition (for more details see this link) as an event “when two threads access a shared variable at the same time”; this data collision may result in data entries being dropped or missed during an edit transaction.  These sorts of incidents are rare and difficult to reproduce but, in an effort to reduce the potential of data loss for customers, we are providing a patch to address and safeguard against this sort of event happening.

To address these issues, we are announcing the ArcGIS Server Branch Version Data Consistency Patch.  This patch resolves the possibility of data inconsistencies that may arise under race conditions. These issues are resolved by ensuring that requests are serialized, and that necessary branch versioning metadata is maintained correctly. To avoid further data inconsistencies and to repair any existing gaps in data transaction processes, we are requiring a Geodatabase Upgrade.  We feel that this approach will give you the best experience and performance for your users and enable you to take best advantage of transaction optimizations.  As always, our intent is to give you the best experience possible when leveraging products such as the ArcGIS Utility Network, ArcGIS Parcel Fabric or even just using the new features available in Branch Versioning. 

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Remi is the Product Manager for the ArcGIS Utility Network and spends his free time exploring the US Southwest desert and California beaches.

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