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Esri and YouthMappers @FOSS4G

This week we are packing our bags for Tanzania to participate as a @FOSS4G Gold sponsor in Dar es Salaam.

The OSGeo hosted event is the world’s largest gathering of open source geospatial users, developers, and researchers. We can’t wait to discuss our own code on GitHub, Africa GeoPortal and our newest offering to combine civic transparency and community engagement, ArcGIS Hub.

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Our very own Kenneth Field (@kennethfield) will be in the house to chat about all things Cartography. We’ll be giving away a few copies of the book and co-hosting a free community workshop with an awesome organization called YouthMappers on September 1st at Ardhi University.If you’ll be in town and want to learn how to incorporate OpenStreetMap data in spatial analyses, registration is open to all on eventbrite.

FOSS4G North America

The international conference comes on the heels of the North American edition of the Free and Open Source Geospatial Conference in St. Louis this spring. Esri’s Daniel Fenton (@dmfenton) talked about continuous delivery of Node.js applications using Kubernetes. Folks from Amazon and Uber explained how they use our open source Geometry API Java to enable distributed, spatial SQL. We thank their developers for adding a few new features, making improvements to the test harness and trying their hardest to find bugs.

While we were in town, we made sure to lift with our legs at the GDAL Coordinate System Barn Raising. The goal of GDAL Barn is to upgrade to SQLlite and add support for WKT2 in GDAL, PROJ and libgeotiff. How’s that for a load of acronyms!

good ol fashioned barn raising
As a sponsor of FOSS4G International we are pleased to help underwrite the conference’s Travel Grant program. This is one of many steps the organizers have taken to increase diversity and include students and other low-income attendees. Discount registration for Tanzanians and provided on-site childcare are being provided as well. Kudos to the entire team for prioritizing this in conference planning while they juggled workshops, technical presentations and all the other geo-geekery.
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See you on the continent!

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