Deane Kensok

Deane Kensok has been with Esri since 1990 and is currently the ArcGIS Content CTO and a member of the Living Atlas team. For the past twenty years, Deane has worked on a variety of Internet mapping and data publishing products and projects, which have led to his current work with ArcGIS Online and the Living Atlas.

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Esri joins Overture Maps Foundation

Esri joins Overture Maps Foundation, supporting its mission to create reliable, easy-to-use, and interoperable map data for the globe.

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Enriching Overture Data with GERS

The latest release of Overture data includes a GERS ID for 1.6m buildings that can be used to conflate data and enable interesting uses cases.

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Contributing GIS Data to OpenStreetMap

Learn how you can prepare and share GIS open data for use in editing OpenStreetMap data, which is easily accessible to you in ArcGIS.

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Esri at State of the Map US 2023

Esri was a Gold Level Sponsor at the OpenStreetMap State of the Map U.S. event that took place in Richmond, VA June 8 - 11, 2023.

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New OSM 3D Scene Layers

Esri is pleased to introduce new OpenStreetMap 3D scene layers featuring global buildings and trees built using the OSM Daylight distribution.

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Update Basemap in Your Web Maps

Learn how you can easily identify web maps with deprecated layers and quickly update them to use the latest vector basemaps instead.

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Update Basemap Gallery

ArcGIS Online & Enterprise org administrators should update their basemap gallery to use the Esri vector basemaps if they have not already.

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ArcGIS Datasets in OpenStreetMap

ArcGIS Data is now becoming part of OpenStreetMap through new open datasets shared by the ArcGIS community and new tools in OSM editors.

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Update to OpenStreetMap Vector Basemap Coming Soon

Esri will soon update the OpenStreetMap Vector Basemap to use the new Daylight map distribution.

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