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What’s new for Linear Referencing in ArcGIS Pro 2.9

*Updated 1/28/2022.


A primary focus for the linear referencing team included continuing to close the gap in missing equivalency items and continuing to build out the help documentation.

What’s changed?

Linear Referencing ribbon

In ArcMap, linear referencing workflows were in disparate locations. With ArcGIS Pro 2.9, we wanted to simplify and centralize the experience when working with m-aware features. The new Linear Referencing ribbon appears when an m-aware layer is present in the Contents pane of an active map. The new tab organizes common linear referencing tools and workflows.

Linear Referencing Ribbon

You can enable and disable display of the Linear Referencing ribbon by customizing the ribbon. To learn more see customize the ribbon options. To disable the ribbon, right click on the Linear Referencing contextual tab and select “Customize the Ribbon”. This opens the Customize the Ribbon section within the Options page. In the scrolling window on the right, representing the current ribbon configuration, browse to the Linear Referencing tab. Uncheck the box and click OK to hide the Linear Referencing ribbon.

Customize ribbon experience

Find Routes pane

This version of ArcGIS Pro includes support for finding routes when providing measures. Users can zoom to a route, open a pop-up, and flash a route. To learn more see Find routes.

Find Routes Pane

Display route events the from table of contents

Another equivalency item that users requested includes the ability to display route events from the table of contents. Users can now right-click an event table to launch the Make Route Event Layer geoprocessing tool. To learn more see Display route events.

Display Route Events

Assign a route identifier field

Assigning a route identifier field is not required when working with routes; however, it saves you from having to set the route identifier field each time you use the linear referencing geoprocessing tools. To learn more see Assign a route identifier field.

What’s coming next?

In future releases, the team will be hard at work finishing out the remaining equivalency items such as Display Measure Anomalies along with continuing to build out the help documentation. We’d love to hear any suggestions or ideas that you’d like to share.

Banner image by Jon Tyson on Unsplash.

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Donald is a Product Engineer for the Geodatabase Development team and joined in 2020. He has a background in Geography and, prior to joining, held various roles testing software. Donald is currently focused on testing software and writing documentation for ArcGIS pro.

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