Introducing ArcGIS Reality!

We are excited to announce the ArcGIS Reality product family, and the release of the new ArcGIS Reality Studio and ArcGIS Reality for ArcGIS Pro for large-area reality mapping!

Introducing ArcGIS Reality

ArcGIS Reality is a suite of photogrammetry software products designed to enable reality capture workflows for sites, cities, and countries. Create an accurate digital representation of the world at any scale and any extent. Turn drone and aerial imagery into visually stunning and highly accurate maps and 3D models. Interact with a digital world that shows places and situations as they truly are, layered with geospatial data that enriches reality with greater context.

3D mesh processed by ArcGIS Reality using imagery data provided by ©Bluesky Ltd.

The products that are a part of the ArcGIS Reality family are:

ArcGIS Reality Studio– a new focused application for reality mapping from aerial images for entire cities and countries. A map-centric intuitive interface enables high production efficiency to deliver survey-grade representations of reality.

ArcGIS Reality for ArcGIS Pro– a new extension of Esri’s flagship desktop GIS software, allowing users to input images from drones or crewed aircraft to generate 3D outputs for reality mapping.

Site Scan for ArcGIS– Esri’s cloud-based end-to-end reality mapping software for drone imagery, designed to simplify drone program management, imagery data collection, processing, and analysis.

ArcGIS Drone2Map– an intuitive desktop application focused on reality mapping from drone imagery, enabling offline processing and in-the-field rapid mapping.

ArcGIS Reality Studio

ArcGIS Reality Studio lets you apply reality mapping at scale to create the foundation for 3D digital twins. It provides automated processing workflows to help you quickly align large collections of images and efficiently create photorealistic, survey-grade data products. You can also share this data within GIS and mapping systems for advanced analysis and visualization. We built ArcGIS Reality Studio from years of research to provide a solution that’s optimized for precision, speed, and simplicity.

Imagery data provided by ©Vermessung AVT-ZT-GmbH & Stadt Wien, Stadtvermessung

You can use ArcGIS Reality Studio to:

3D mesh processed by ArcGIS Reality using imagery data provided by ©Bluesky Ltd.

ArcGIS Reality for ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Reality for ArcGIS Pro provides reality mapping tools that allow GIS professionals to create the foundation for digital twins and provide data for analysis in ArcGIS. It lets you use ArcGIS Pro to generate photorealistic true orthos, point clouds, and 3D meshes from drone and aerial imagery. Processing and outputs are seamlessly integrated with ArcGIS, so they’re immediately ready for analysis and visualization.

Imagery data provided by ©Aerowest.

With ArcGIS Reality for ArcGIS Pro, you can:

Imagery data provided by ©Aerowest.

Stay Connected

If you’re interested in any of our ArcGIS Reality solutions, please check out our webpage and contact us for more information. We have some exciting updates lined up for future releases and are happy to have your feedback so make sure to follow our Esri Community page.

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Reanne is the Sr. Product Marketer at Esri for the ArcGIS Reality product family and most things related to drone and aerial mapping. She also leads the Imagery and Remote Sensing product marketing team at Esri. She has a MBA from the University of Redlands, and is continuing to become an imagery enthusiast!

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