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What's New in ArcGIS Data Reviewer (November 2023)

ArcGIS Data Reviewer is an extension for ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Enterprise that helps you automate, simplify and improve your data quality control. Detecting and reporting errors in your GIS data helps you lower your data management cost and improve decision making based on data you can trust.

Data Reviewer supports the creation of constraint and validation attribute rules through a series of configurable ready-to-use checks that don’t require custom code.

With the release of ArcGIS Pro 3.2 and Enterprise 11.2, Data Reviewer introduces completely new checks and improvements to existing checks that improve automated review workflows. In addition, new tools were added that expand how a feature’s quality can be assessed.


Automated Review


Find Polygons with Holes

The new check Find Polygons with Holes is now available. This check detects holes in polygon features that should not contain holes. Features with holes can negatively impact analysis and reporting workflows, so identifying them is imperative.

Find Event Gaps

In the Find Event Gaps check, you can filter the number of routes for evaluation as well as configure feature results by time. The Find Event Gaps check finds linear referenced events with gaps between events of the same category, in the same route or across multiple routes.


The Monotonicity check enables the evaluation of a polyline feature’s elevation or measure values (z-values or m-values) to identify those that are non-monotonic (not strictly increasing/decreasing in value). A new optional parameter (Ignore duplicate measures between parts) has been added to prevent false-positive errors in multipart features that contain duplicate measure values between consecutive parts.

Unnecessary Nodes & Unnecessary Polygon Boundaries

The Unnecessary Nodes and Unnecessary Polygon Boundaries checks now both support constraint attribute rules.

The Unnecessary Nodes check can now be used to create constraint attribute rules that prevent the creation of polyline features that share a node and have matching attribute values.

The Unnecessary Polygon Boundaries check can be used to create constraint attribute rules that prevent the creation of polygon features that share a common boundary and contain identical attribute values. In many cases, these new features should not be created, but rather existing features could be modified to improve performance without a loss of data.


Semi-Automated Review

New visual review tools are now available in ArcGIS Pro that enable holistic data quality review in Attribute Rule-based workflows.

Visual review enables the identification of errors that may not be detected during automated review of your data. This includes the ability to identify missing features, as well as those features that contain errors related to their shape or positional accuracy. These new tools support features stored in File and Mobile geodatabases in the following ways:


Browse Features

The Browse Features tool allows you to identify errors on existing features. You can manually review features on your map and commit error results that are stored in error tables for features that fail visual review.

Flag Missing Features

The Flag Missing Features tool allows you to identify and manually flag missing features in your data.

Errors identified during visual review are stored in the same error layers as those used to store errors detected during automated review using Data Reviewer checks. This integration enables centralized management and reporting of errors using tools in ArcGIS Pro.


Watch a demo of the new visual review tools in ArcGIS Pro:


Learn more about this release in our documentation for ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Enterprise. 

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