Jay Cary

Jay Cary is a Product Manager in the Esri Professional Services R&D Center. As a product manager at Esri, Mr. Cary is responsible for supporting software product development, marketing, and customer advocacy for multiple product teams. Before joining Esri in 2007, he worked as a program manager with 15+ years of GIS management and consulting experience in both local and federal government sectors.

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What’s New in ArcGIS Roads and Highways Q2 2023

Learn about new and improved functionality in the Q2 2023 release of ArcGIS Roads and Highways.

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ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing: What’s New in Q2 2023 Release

Read about the latest new features and enhancements available in ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing.

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Data Quality Matters

ArcGIS Data Reviewer provides capabilities that automate, simplify, and improve how you manage data quality.

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Improve quality in attribute data using ArcGIS Data Reviewer

ArcGIS Data Reviewer’s Regular Expression check simplifies and automates the identification of errors in attribute data.

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What’s new in ArcGIS Data Reviewer (November 2021)

The latest release of ArcGIS Data Reviewer enhances quality control by providing a library of checks that detect common errors in GIS data.

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Migrating to attributes rules using ArcGIS Data Reviewer

Get ready to migrate your automated review workflows to Data Reviewer in ArcGIS Pro and attribute rules.

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What’s New in ArcGIS Data Reviewer Q2 2021 Release

In this latest release, ArcGIS Data Reviewer introduces simplified workflows to implement Attribute Rule-based data validation.

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What’s New in ArcGIS Data Reviewer 2.5/10.8

In this latest release, ArcGIS Data Reviewer delivers new validation capabilities for enhancing quality in data management workflows.

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Invalid Geometry Check Explained…

What exactly does Data Reviewer’s Invalid Geometry check find? Before I provide an answer, let’s explore how invalid geometries are introduced

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