Silvia Pichler

Silvia holds degrees in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing from the Vienna University of Economics and Business, and East Asian studies from the University of Vienna. She is a Senior Marketing Manager at the Esri R&D Center Vienna where she specializes in communication.

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The Digital Workplace

Flexibility is going to play a key role in the post-pandemic era. ArcGIS Indoors supports this approach, ushering in the digital workplace.

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ArcGIS Indoors at the 2021 Esri Developer Summit

Join us at the 2021 Esri Developer Summit get the latest on our technology and GIS best practices with ArcGIS Indoors

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How Indoor GIS Can Help Your Business Thrive

Today we celebrate GIS Day 2020 and want to shed some light on how indoor GIS helps improve workplace operations, safety and management.

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ArcGIS Indoors for ArcGIS Online is Out Now

ArcGIS Indoors is now available for ArcGIS Online! Get details on it and insights on the new space management capabilities in this blog.

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ArcGIS Indoors – Something Big Is Coming

ArcGIS Indoors is coming out with some big news around its latest release! Get a sneak peek into some of the new capabilities now!

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ArcGIS Indoors at the 2020 Esri User Conference

Register now for the 2020 Esri User Conference and join our virtual ArcGIS Indoors sessions!

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Indoor Location Technologies in the Spotlight

Various different indoor location technologies are out on the market, answering the call for GPS-like solutions inside buildings.

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ArcGIS Indoors at EPC 2020

Join us at our booth and our sessions at EPC as well as the DevSummit 2020. Download our on-site agenda here!

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Smart Cities – Challenges and Opportunities

Smart cities are the future of urban areas. Some are already living this truth, others are in the process of adopting novel tech and approaches.

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