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Digital as-builting with ArcGIS Field Maps

For over one hundred years, gas pipe organizations have used paper to document the construction of the gas pipe system. This collection of information is often referred to as the “construction packet”. Until recently, as-built data capture capabilities didn’t really meet the modern workflow needs of high-performing gas utilities. Then came breakthrough technological improvements, including high accuracy GPS antennas, mobile computing devices, and a new generation of mobile data collection applications. With these improvements, there is a benefits trifecta for gas utilities–higher quality, improved business processes, and lower cost.  

This digital transformation of the construction packet is what is today referred to as digital field as-builting, a process you can implement with ArcGIS Field Maps 

The following Esri Community blog posts cover how to get started with digital field as-builting in ArcGIS: 

  1. Digital Field As-Builting with ArcGISLearn about the history of as-built documentation and how it can be transformed into a digital process. 
  2. Digital Field As-Builting with ArcGIS: No Barcode No Problem—Learn how to configure and automate asset data capture with or without barcodes. 
  3. Digital Field As-Builting with ArcGIS: Pressure TestsLearn how to configure and automate the data capture of pressure tests. 
  4. Digital Field As-Builting with ArcGIS: It’s About Productivity—Learn how transitioning your as-builting process from paper to digital can improve productivity in your field workflows. 
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