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Show off your workbook banner

When sharing your workbook with others, you want it to look its best. You’ve no doubt carefully crafted charts and layouts and styled them with your favorite colors, but there’s still something missing… Well look no further, in our Insights 2022.1 release we’ve expanded the styling options within the workbook banner. Say goodbye to those defaults!

Show me the new stuff

You’ll notice at the top of the workbook we’ve recently added a ‘Style workbook banner’ button. This is where we’ve sprinkled some new enhancements. Inside you’ll find options to customize both the logo and the banner. With these new options you’ll have the tools to style a bespoke workbook that aligns with corporate branding, or you own creative flair. Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s new and how you can use it to spruce up your workbooks.

Workbook logo

Adding a logo to your workbook was added in a previous release, but we’ve improved the upload process to provide greater flexibility and control over how the image is cropped and scaled. You can now scale the selected image and adjust the location of the image within the chosen shape.

Image illustrating the new image upload dialog.
The enhanced logo upload allows for image scaling, placement, and cropping.

When adding an icon, this image will replace our default Insights logo in the banner of the workbook. This logo retains its functionality in both the workbook and the shared page, linking back to the Insight homepage.

Customizing the icon is a great way to furnish your workbook with a crest, badge, or logo referencing your organization, initiative, or project.

Banner image

Now for the banner. We’ve added the ability to place an image atop your workbook. You can now replace that lovely default blue with your own color and image! What you do with these newfound capabilities is totally up to you. Perhaps dressing the banner in corporate approved colors and images will lend your analysis that official look you’re seeking. Or maybe you want to make a statement and get creative with your own image to suite the topic or color palette from your analysis.

Image illustrating the banner image upload dialog.
The banner upload dialog allows for a variety of image alignment and placement options.

When uploading an image for your banner you’ll be able to crop the image to fit the banner perfect (if you’re into all the specs, it’s 60px). In addition, the upload process also has controls for setting how the image is aligned within the banner.

These banner enhancements allow you to utilize the real estate above your page to further customize the appearance of your workbook and open endless possibilities to author visually cohesive pages and reports.

Where’s the analysis view?

You’ll notice on any of your fancy new pages the Analysis view button isn’t in the usual spot. As part of the enhancements, we opted to relocate the button to grant some extra space to your charts and maps. On shared pages and shared workbooks with a single page we now move the Analysis view button down to the lower-right corner.

Image illustrating the relocation of the Analysis view button.
We've relocated the Analysis view button on shared page to provide more real estate for the contents of your workbook.


I think I’ve now satisfied all the contractual obligations of this blog post and now I want to dive into the fun stuff. I’ve developed a few banner examples I’d like to share as inspiration and provide a few tips and tricks for creating your own. As always, if you come up with your great examples, leave a comment because I’d love to see it!

Image illustrating sample workbook banner configurations.
Using the workbook logo, banner, and color combinations you can style your workbook to suite your needs.

About the author

I have all sorts of fun creating engaging maps and graphics and then sharing the process. I work from Kitchener, Canada on Esri’s StoryMaps team where those visuals sometimes make their way into immersive place-based stories. When not digging into vectors and pixels, I can generally be found riding around town on two wheels with toddlers in tow.

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