Vicki Lynn Cove

Vicki Lynn Cove is a documentation writer for ArcGIS Insights, ArcGIS Online analysis, and Applied Analysis at Esri's Research and Development Centre in Ottawa, Canada. She has a background in biology, English literature, and GIS. In her spare time, Vicki Lynn enjoys fibre arts, playing her guitar, and the outdoors.

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Track virus spread with ArcGIS Insights

Use link analysis in ArcGIS Insights to perform contact tracing.

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Create a COVID-19 relative risk surface

Learn how to use the spatial analysis capabilities in ArcGIS Insights to create a COVID-19 relative risk surface.

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Easy as pie: Mapping large datasets in ArcGIS Insights, part 3

Map large datasets by unique values using pie and column chart symbols.

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Out of bounds: Mapping large datasets in ArcGIS Insights, part 2

Binned maps and heat maps can help you understand the spatial distribution of your large datasets.

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Visualize global COVID-19 trends in ArcGIS Insights

Create maps and charts to determine where COVID-19 cases are located and how cases are changing over time.

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Create a report in ArcGIS Insights

Design an interactive report in Insights using a new lesson from Learn ArcGIS.

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Keep all target features using the Join Features tool in ArcGIS Online

Keep all target features allows you to choose whether to keep unmatched features in your output dataset when creating joins in ArcGIS Online.

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Sticking points: Mapping large datasets in ArcGIS Insights

Large datasets create some unique challenges for spatial analysis. Spatial aggregation can help you understand spatial patterns in your data.

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Use the COVID-19 Hospital Impact Model for Epidemics (CHIME) application in ArcGIS Insights

Learn how to run a script in ArcGIS Insights and use the results to analyze hospital capacity in your health care region.

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