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Step by Step: Chart Viewer in ArcGIS Instant Apps

This blog is a continuation of my previous blog where I demonstrated Map Viewer Charts for data exploration. The web app that we will be focusing on in this blog is Chart Viewer in ArcGIS Instant Apps. Why? Because using its template, we can display multiple charts to complement a map.

In this tutorial, we will use Chart Viewer from Instant Apps to publish this web app using a web map containing charts created in Map Viewer. Chart Viewer supports all chart types offered in Map Viewer (bar, line, pie, histogram and scatter plot), hence our web map can contain any or all chart types.

Let’s get started right-away with a web map-

Step 1 – Import your web map to Instant apps 

We will need to sign-in into our ArcGIS Online account to access Create App options. We will be using this web map that was created in the previous blog using Map Viewer. You can use your own web map to follow along, just ensure that the web map is saved in Map Viewer and has at least one chart in it. Once you have a web map open in Map Viewer, click on Create app and select Instant Apps from the dark pane.

Step 2 – Choose a template

ArcGIS Instant Apps offers a variety of web app templates based on your requirements like Exhibit, Nearby, Chart Viewer etc. In this tutorial we will use the Chart Viewer template to publish our web map and charts together in a web app. Next, select Chart Viewer from the layout options. Give your app a title and hit Create app.

Step 3 – Configure Chart Viewer 

Configure your Chart Viewer app template using the five steps explained in this blog. I generally proceed with using the default settings unless I am working on more than one layer or require customization.

Step 4 – Publish your web app 

After configuration, select Publish and then Confirm.

Step 5 – Launch the web app 

Once your web app is published, a ‘Share’ pop-up will appear. This pop-up will provide several options on how to share the web app. To simply launch the web app, select Launch from the pop-up. The app will be launched in a new window. Voila! Your web app is ready. It should look like this.

Explore your visualizations

So far, we have learned how to set up a template using Chart Viewer but your journey to share your insightful viz doesn’t stop here.

To conclude, we learned how to use the Chart Viewer Instant Apps template to quickly create a web app for visually exploring our data through charts and a map. If you have any questions about using Chart Viewer template in Instant Apps, please leave them in the comments down below.

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At Esri, I am part of a team responsible for delivering new features for some of the most popular apps in ArcGIS Online. I mainly focus on guiding product development for Charts in Map Viewer. I love to write about topics related to descriptive statistics and how some of the data problems could be solved by just visualizing the data.

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