ArcGIS for Microsoft 365

What's new in ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 (December 2023)

The December 2023 update is here with significant quality enhancements, bug fixes, and new tools to explore.

The following sections detail these updates, per component.

ArcGIS for Excel

The following are updates to ArcGIS for Excel:

ArcGIS for Excel tab and ribbon with updated icons
Spatial reference WKID drop-down menu
ArcGIS for Excel navigation buttons

ArcGIS for SharePoint

Additional resources

You can read the latest blog articles, interact with experts, take a survey, learn about ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 components, get peer-to-peer feedback, and find answers to software questions on the Esri Community site.

Visit the video sitenew product page, and ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 Esri Community pages for the latest change logs and blog articles:

About the authors

Zoya is a Product Engineering Writer for ArcGIS for Microsoft 365. A lifelong Yinzer, she is passionate about public transit, technology, and urban planning. She has been with Esri since 2022, loves cats, and likes to say she's somewhat like the "Carrie Bradshaw of maps".


Mrinmayee "Minu" Bharadwaj has been with Esri since 2015. She is a Product Engineer: Documentation for Microsoft Integration apps. She was previously a Writer in Professional Services for ArcGIS Maritime and ArcGIS Aviation. She holds degrees in Psychology, English and Geography. She's passionate about technology and languages, and is fluent in French and German. She loves exploring new places, hiking, movies, books and a solid cup of tea.

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