Field Operations

The Ever-Changing Field Workforce

Managing field operations can be a pretty daunting task. Not only do you have to manage workers in the field, coordinate schedules, keep track of equipment, and respond to unplanned events, you also need to maintain level of service commitments and do so in compliance with health and safety regulations.

Organizations are moving away from traditional paper and pen approaches and embracing apps deployed to their smartphones and tablets. Esri provides a suite of apps designed for field operations:

You can learn more about Esri’s approach to field operations on our website.

Field Workforce changes coming with COVID-19

COVID-19 is demanding change in the workplace and government agencies like OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) are providing guidance and resources for employers and workers on the control and prevention of COVID-19. We’ve been hearing from organizations that their field operations are starting to adapt and change as well.

This may include:

Field apps provided by Esri can help ease these transitions. Tracker can improve operational awareness by showing you where your workers are and where they have been. Likewise, Workforce can provide a digital “to do list” that includes daily start times and locations, distribution locations for protective equipment, and work assignments.

You can read about how Esri is supporting our users and community at large to monitor, manage, and communicate the impact of the outbreak from our COVID-19 website. As organizations recover from COVID-19, new opportunities and needs are emerging for field operations. We’d like to hear from you about the changes your organization is experiencing.

About the author

Jeff Shaner is a Senior Product Lead with the software products team at Esri. With 27 years experience, Jeff is focused on delivering apps that enable users to work more productively, safely, and effectively. In his spare time, you are likely to find Jeff on the golf course or hockey rink. 

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