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  • A map of the US that shows changes in total population and number of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2010 to 2020
    U.S. Census Bureau

    2020 Census: State Apportionment Data

    Use Esri’s portfolio app to access seven maps with state apportionment data from the U.S. Census Bureau.
  • Colorful graphic design of shapes next to text that reads, ‘United Nations World Data Forum’

    Esri FedGIS 2021 Making a Difference Award


    Esri founder and president Jack Dangermond presents the Federal GIS Conference 2021 Making a Difference Award to the United States Census Bureau.
  • Colorful graphic design of shapes next to text that reads, ‘United Nations World Data Forum’

    COVID-19 Demographic and Economic Resources


    Learn how the U.S. Census Bureau is disseminating their data to inform COVID-19 response.
  • Esri Blog

    Securing the census

    Learn how GIS helps protect data security and monitor cybersecurity threats to the US Census.
  • ArcNews

    Geospatial Technology Underpins 2020 Census

    Learn how GIS is being used in more ways than ever to get the count right in the 2020 Census.
  • A satellite image of Albania overlaid with a map of different areas shaded in orange and yellow

    INSTAT Albania improves census accuracy

    The National Institute of Statistics of Albania (INSTAT) created an enterprise GIS that enabled the country to ensure a complete count.
  • A modern city with white and beige buildings bisected by a blue river under a cloud-dotted blue sky

    Egypt digitizes national census with GIS

    Supported by an enterprise GIS, the transformation enabled the Egyptian government to monitor social trends and mitigate disaster.
  • A stately government building brightly lit in gold tones against a night sky, mirrored in the still water of a nearby river

    Ireland boosts citizen engagement with ArcGIS Hub

    The Central Statistics Office of Ireland collaborated to make the country’s 2016 census data more meaningful and accessible.
  • A dense city with multicolored buildings nestled in a tree-filled landscape with mountains and a hazy sky in the background

    Nepal’s government conducts census in six weeks

    The Central Bureau of Statistics used ArcGIS basemaps and satellite imagery of urban areas to speed data collection and analysis.
  • A vibrant coastal city with yellow, red, and white buildings under a partly cloudy sky

    Streamlining census processes in Portugal

    Instituto Nacional de Estatística Portugal (INE) initiated a work plan for creating the geospatial components of its 2021 census operation.

GIS and the 2020 Census

Get access to the latest thinking and methods in GIS for official statistics by ordering GIS and the 2020 Census: Modernizing Official Statistics.

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GIS curriculum for statistics

Covering every stage of the census process, these tutorials help modernize population and housing census workflows. Learn how to use ArcGIS to plan work, conduct field data collection, monitor operations, and disseminate authoritative data.

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Census Business Builder

This app provides a suite of services for small businesses and economic developers alike.

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Response Outreach Area Mapper

Response Outreach Area Mapper (ROAM) is a simple web-based tool that identifies hard-to-survey areas and provides tools to better understand how to reach these citizens.

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My Community Explorer

This dashboard provides selected demographic, business, and resilience information to help users identify potentially underserved areas.

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Two variations of maps of the same location, one shaded with teal and yellow and the other with pale blue and purple

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