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Global company, European solutions

Esri has been in Europe for more than 40 years. European-owned software companies in almost every country have decades of local experience, and three dedicated research centers are at the leading edge of innovation in Europe. 

About Esri in Europe
70,000+ customers

83% of European Fortune 500 companies rely on Esri
27 locations

Locally-owned companies in almost every country
2300+ employees

Employing European GIS experts
500+ partners

Industry knowledge and ArcGIS platform expertise
3 Development Centers

Advancing GIS technology in Europe

Leading innovation in Europe

Through mapping and location intelligence, Esri helps organizations unlock the power of data to create a stronger and more digitally connected Europe. With an in-depth understanding of the region, we are always pushing the boundaries of the science of geography in Europe. Our locally owned Esri offices help cities and governments, private businesses, utilities and transportation companies, educators, and almost all other industries innovate through GIS.

Driving digital transformation across Europe

Smart Communities

Smart Communities

Esri technology supports the digital transformation of cities, utilities, and transportation.

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Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data

Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data

GIS helps organizations store, process, and understand large amounts of data and connected devices.

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INSPIRE and Copernicus

INSPIRE and Copernicus

Esri software harmonizes your spatial data infrastructure to comply with INSPIRE standards, and provides access to multi-spectral imagery from Sentinel-2.

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Esri provides free software to all schools in Europe and around the world. Through science and technology, we help to shape the leaders of tomorrow.

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Case Study

Combining 3D GIS and BIM to improve collaboration

Integrating 3D GIS and BIM models to create one of the most advanced 3D mapping systems in the UK

Global company, European solutions

Esri has a presence and expertise in every country in Europe.