Bring out the "where" in your business applications

ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 adds a spatial advantage to your business productivity solutions. Complement your subscription by bringing location awareness to everyday workflows using interactive mapping, visualization, and analytics tools that will transform the way you solve business problems. 


Transform teamwork with maps and apps

Bring maps, scenes, and apps to your organization for enhanced collaboration and geographic context. Keep teams organized by managing ArcGIS content, maps, and apps in one central location. Gain insight from real-time conversations and collaborate more efficiently.

Work in ArcGIS for Teams
Gray map with specific cities highlighted blue, green, and pink next to text and numerical data on tax values in a state

Map and analyze BI data spatially

Built-in spatial analysis tools, reporting capabilities, and a rich collection of global content helps uncover patterns and trends in your business data. Bring geographic data into Microsoft Power BI and integrate it with tabular or other types of business data. Multiple tools let viewers customize maps and grasp findings quickly, allowing more time for data analysis.

Explore ArcGIS for Power BI
Heat map of the Midwest and eastern area of the United States with left side popup box of available symbol styles

Create maps with Microsoft Excel data

Gain new perspectives by putting Microsoft Excel data in the context of location. Use location analytics to transform graphs and charts into interactive maps directly from Excel then use Microsoft PowerPoint to share your maps securely with a wide audience. 

Try ArcGIS for Office
Gray map of the United States with scattered green, yellow, and red data points

Search and map Microsoft SharePoint content

SharePoint users across your organization can search and share data-driven maps in a familiar framework. Find important documents fast. Drag and drop documents on a map to geotag them. When needed, click on the map feature to view tagged data. Easily format maps to match company branding and style.

Discover ArcGIS for SharePoint
Interface of ArcGIS for SharePoint showing a gray digital map with scattered red data points



Medical technology company strengthens a nationwide sales force with maps and visual data.

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Common questions

Do I need an ArcGIS license for each Microsoft 365 application I want to use?

No. With an individual ArcGIS account, you will be able use this identity to add spatial capabilities to all your Microsoft applications. ArcGIS accounts also provide access to premium and private GIS layers as well as services for data mapping and analysis.

Can I use the ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 components without an account?

Yes. There is a standard experience that allows you to perform some limited functionality at no cost. Within Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint, you can map data that already has a latitude-longitude coordinate. In ArcGIS for Power BI, you can match data with addresses, boundaries, or latitude-longitude coordinates. Microsoft Teams will allow you to search and view millions of maps and applications available across the ArcGIS system.

What is the best way to provide access to ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 across my organization?

When enabled within an organization, Azure Active Directory (AAD) authentication can be linked with ArcGIS and provide a seamless sign-on experience for staff to access ArcGIS capabilities within Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office, ArcGIS for Power BI, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Power Automate.

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