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Esri partners earn specializations in specific Esri technology, such as ArcGIS Indoors or ArcGIS Utility Network, or in particular industries including state and local government. These partners are highlighted for their accomplishments and ArcGIS software alignment.

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News about Esri Partners


    Town of Chapel Hill Enhances Emergency Operations with Informational Dashboards

    The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, hired Esri partner Blue Raster to develop a comprehensive emergency management plan to protect the lives of its 59,000 residents.


    Building a Sustainable Future with ArcGIS Utility Network

    Lyse Elnett and three other European utilities worked with Esri partner Similix to successfully implement ArcGIS Utility Network to manage the electric grid, and Lyse is now looking to incorporate the solution into other energy sectors.


    Helping Schools Navigate the Pandemic

    Esri partner Epistemix is using an epidemiologic simulation to model health impacts and reopening strategies for school districts.


    App Helps to More Effectively Manage Crocodiles and Public Safety

    The Queensland government and GP One Consulting developed a new solution app for reporting crocodile sightings and are now engaging the public in reporting for improved safety of residents and tourists.

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