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Optimize your enterprise GIS through proactive performance, health, and system usage monitoring

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Computer monitor showing a line graph and numerical data representing metrics on CPU, memory utilized, and alerts

ArcGIS Monitor is designed to collect, analyze, and optimize the health of your enterprise geographic information system (GIS) implementations. It helps maximize your enterprise GIS investment by proactively identifying possible issues and providing timely and actionable insights on status, availability, usage, system performance, and resource utilization. Alerts facilitate rapid resolution by providing system administrators with real-time notifications when measurements are outside defined system thresholds. Reports can be used to visualize historical data and enhance communications within the organization.

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Timely and insightful system metrics

Deploy ArcGIS Monitor as a best practice for your enterprise GIS.

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What can ArcGIS Monitor do?

ArcGIS Monitor provides holistic system monitoring of your enterprise GIS and its underlying infrastructure.

Return on investment

ArcGIS Monitor increases the return on investment in your enterprise GIS by proactively finding issues before they become critical and increasing end-user satisfaction by delivering better system performance. Monitor ensures your enterprise GIS is running at peak efficiency to maximize the longevity of aging systems and minimize capital costs.

Picture of a woman standing next to a server and looking at the tablet in her hand

Operational big picture

ArcGIS Monitor provides nonintrusive system monitoring tools for administrators, managers, and other stakeholders to get insight into the inner workings of their enterprise GIS deployment. High-level data metrics and detailed, rich reporting capabilities let you know what is happening before issues become critical. 

A man sitting in front of two monitors that are displaying metrics, including text and numerical data

Reduce downtime

Repeated downtime events can result in high operational costs and decreased end-user satisfaction. ArcGIS Monitor provides timely detection of potential and existing problems to facilitate rapid resolution and improve response time. Configure alerts and set up notifications when thresholds are exceeded. 

Screenshot showing different types of alerts such as warnings and critical issues with text and symbols

Optimize system health

ArcGIS Monitor is specifically designed to help you analyze and optimize the health of your ArcGIS implementation. Collecting metrics such as system uptime, load, over- and underutilized resources, and usage trends over time enables better decision-making.

A line graph representing CPU utilization with numbers and text

Justify resources

ArcGIS Monitor allows you to justify your investment in GIS resources and determine the need for additional resources by proactively assessing the resource usage of your enterprise GIS. Take advantage of usage statistics to see what services and data are in demand by customers to inform future investments.

A group of men in a conference room with their laptops and another man standing next to a large monitor displaying a graph

Enhance communications

ArcGIS Monitor enables better communication and improved decision-making by providing trends and metrics in a language easily understood by all stakeholders. Managers can quickly get high-level status and reports, while administrators can dig into alert details and reports for more information to resolve issues.

A man and a woman in a server room looking at a tablet with line graph drawings overlayed on the image

How it works

GIS system monitoring

Register your enterprise GIS resources and collect data metrics on their attributes such as health, performance, and usage.

Text and symbols representing the various types of ArcGIS Enterprise components such as GIS Servers that can be monitored


Observe and assess the health of your enterprise GIS by querying registered resources and visualizing collected data metrics.

A line graph with numbers and text representing metrics for components like Web Services


Turn collected data metrics into actionable information to proactively manage your enterprise GIS. Configure alerts and notifications to prevent and minimize system downtime. 

A graph with numbers and text showing percentage of CPU utilized and an alert configuration with values


Organize your enterprise GIS metrics in the form of reports and dashboards and share them with senior management and stakeholders. 

An analysis dashboard displaying data and line graphs about system health


Keeping an Eye on the Future with ArcGIS Monitor

When we first started using Monitor, it was to see how much our resources were being used by map services. We have to make sure our servers aren’t running out of RAM, CPU, or disk space.

Steve McCarthy

Systems architect at Williams

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GIS system monitoring

ArcGIS Monitor complements third-party IT monitoring tools and helps ensure your enterprise GIS deployments are well managed.

ArcGIS Enterprise

ArcGIS Enterprise

Leverage ArcGIS Monitor to optimize your enterprise GIS deployments.

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ArcGIS Dashboards

ArcGIS Dashboards

Extend the data metrics you are viewing by bringing them into ArcGIS Dashboards.

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Implementation options

Choose an option that best meets your business requirements to bring ArcGIS Monitor into your organization.


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