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Remote sensing insights for decision-making

Map your observations and model almost anything that happens across our globe's surface. Understand geospatial relationships and cause and effect and help with decision support. ArcGIS is the image analysis software with leading-edge tools to deliver the intelligence you need to take action.

Deep learning speeds up image analysis

Deep learning functionality in ArcGIS enables you to easily create digital map layers like road networks, building footprints, land cover, and more. Using a large array of images and leveraging vast computing power with human-like reasoning, ArcGIS deep learning workflows allow your feature extraction tasks to be completed in no time.

Extract earth features

Find and extract specific features like roads, rivers, lakes, buildings, and fields from all types of remotely sensed data with ArcGIS. Use machine learning classifiers coupled with user-friendly workflows. ArcGIS makes feature identification a breeze.

Monitor in real time

Deep learning tools, workflows, and guidance help you to understand Earth like never before. ArcGIS tools create the means for you to observe and analyze our planet to extract answers faster . Finding hard-to-see objects become easier. Real-time observations will fuel your analysis. Extract and share day-to-day information from geospatial data for better decision support. 

Scale from desktop to the cloud

Analysis of imagery and raster’s come in a variety of ways: small datasets on a desktop application, analysis-ready data in data cubes, and massive archives of satellite imagery in the cloud. ArcGIS scales to match. The same tools can be used on a desktop to test or perform an analysis and then scaled up on ArcGIS Image Server with raster analytics. Scale up your analysis with a distributed processing, storage, and sharing system. Efficiently persist large datasets and perform distributed processing over any number of machines.

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