Get location intelligence from your real-time and big data.

Make decisions with data. Detect patterns and relationships in your real-time and big data to gain situational awareness, improve workflows, and boost your bottom line.

Real-time analysis

Process and filter data as it's received, including filtering for specific attributes in high-velocity and high-volume data. Determine spatial relationships of events with an established geofence such as a point, line, or polygon.

Perform real-time analysis in GeoEvent Server

Perform real-time analysis in ArcGIS Velocity

Big data analysis

Leverage the power of distributed computing to analyze and aggregate large amounts of stored data. Solve problems more effectively by using lightning fast analytical tools, from the simple to the complex. Detect how data has changed over time and pinpoint areas of interest. Find relationships, patterns, and anomalies easily using the out-of-the-box analytics in GeoAnalytics Server or ArcGIS Velocity.

Perform big data analysis in GeoAnalytics Server

Perform big data analysis in ArcGIS Velocity


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