Curated bundles for network mapping

The ArcGIS Online for Small Utilities bundles provide the flexibility you need through various user types, which people can use to license the capabilities and apps they need to do their work in ArcGIS. The bundles listed here are suggested based on your deployment size, but you can customize them to fit your organizational needs.

  • The perfect GIS starter kit

    This offering is perfect for small organizations or those that are just getting started with GIS.

  • The ideal choice for broad use

    This offering is designed for midsize organizations or those looking to grow their GIS use.

  • Your organization's best value

    This bundle is designed for organizations that are ready to premiere GIS across their entire organization.

What's in a bundle?

The ArcGIS Online for Small Utilities bundles contain several user types that will allow different members of your organization to engage with ArcGIS. Each user type is built to provide capabilities that allow your organization to change the way you work for good.

Creator user type

Manage your software, users, and maps.
Editor user type

Maintain your organization's GIS data.
Field Worker user type

Collect information in the field.
Viewer user type

Access dashboards, maps, and apps.
GIS Professional user type

Create advanced maps and perform analysis.

Frequently asked questions

What if I've never used GIS before?

Familiarity with GIS is not required—the data management app is preconfigured so that you can deploy it quickly and easily. ArcGIS Online for Small Utilities allows for unlimited access to online training through Learn ArcGIS.

What hardware do I need to purchase?

This is a software as a service (SaaS) offering, so you do not need new hardware to deploy or purchase our solutions.

Is there data or mapping information available to help me get started?

ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World, a collection of authoritative geographic information that's included with your purchase, is a great resource to visualize information about population, weather, streets, imagery, and more. You can add your information as layers to better understand patterns in your community.

What is an example subscription?

A small water organization has two Creator user types. Administrators use these licenses to deploy their network mapping apps and ensure that they can be seen or used by organization members. With five Field Worker user types, this organization enables their mobile workers to utilize these maps to find asset location, collect data, share their whereabouts, and more. One office worker uses the Editor user type to add supplemental data to the field findings or continue importing paper-based maps. Lastly, the organization has one Viewer user type so that executives can see the status of operations through a real-time dashboard.

How do I know what user types to choose?

You should think about the members in your organization who will be utilizing these tools, then determine what capabilities they would need. If you are unsure, you can always start small and add more user types later.

With the Creator user type, users can produce apps and maps, deploy solutions, analyze/manage data, control access, and collaborate with others.

With the Editor user type, users are able to add to and edit your data. For example, users can add new property values within your land records solution.

With the Field Worker user type, users can collect information in the field with the apps and maps on their mobile devices.

With the Viewer user type, users can see your team's private apps and maps. 

With the GIS Professional Standard user type, users can perform advanced analysis, create relationship classes, generate high-end cartography, and conduct extensive database management. 

Can I share the solution with the public?

Once you've laid the foundation for your digital network map, you can establish and share a public-facing web map. This transparency can help you boost service ratings and reduce the burden on your customer service team.

How often do I need to install updates?

Software updates and maintenance are taken care of by Esri, so you are free to focus on your work.

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